Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who should attend this conference?

A: We welcome San Diego juniors and seniors (and their teacher chaperones) wanting to expand their knowledge about challenges related to emotional, physical, and mental health issues that they, or people close to them are facing.

Q: How many people will be in attendance at the 2015 TRUST Conference?

A: We are expecting approximately 250 students and their chaperones from all around San Diego County to attend the TRUST Conference.

Q: How much does it cost per student to attend TRUST?

A: Registration for the TRUST Conference is FREE to all students and teachers.

Q: May I drop my students off and pick them up at the end of the day?

A: Because of liability purposes we request that there is one adult for every 20 students present for the entire conference.

Q: How many students may I bring from my school?

A: We ask that there are only 20 students from each school in an attempt to spread the TRUST message to as many high schools in San Diego as possible.

Q: Do we need to bring spending money?

While the entire conference is free and resource tables offer free resources, we have had musicians sell their CD’s in the past or authors sell and sign their books. Please check our website for updates on these opportunities in case students would like to bring spending money.


Q: When is the deadline to register?

A: The deadline to register is February 27, 2015.

Q: I am interested in taking 20 students with me to the conference. Is there a way I can register all 20 of them at the same time? Will I need to register myself as well?

A: When you visit to register your students choose the amount of people you would like to bring, including yourself. You will be the main contact for this group of registrants and will be responsible for filling in all of the information for your students and yourself.

Q: May I still register if I do not know which students will be attending?

A: Yes! When you register on Eventbrite (, in the first and last name field please enter TBD. Once the specific students are determined, the students’ names should be entered through your Eventbrite account. All student names must be added by the registration deadline, February 27, 2015.

Q: May I bring more than the amount of students I originally registered?

A: We only have enough food for the students who are registered for the conference, please do not bring any more than have been registered at the deadline.

Q: If the conference has sold out and I was not able to register, may I still register since I’ve attended TRUST in previous years?

A: Unfortunately, we will have no space for extra people at the TRUST Conference once we reach capacity. There is a waitlist on the event website ( that you can add yourself and your students to. It will notify you if someone cancels and there are more spaces available. We are sorry that we can not accommodate your request. If you aren’t able to make it to the conference we hope to see you next year!

Q: Is it possible to bring more than one adult? If so, is the second adult to be counted as the 20 students?

A: It is possible to bring more than one adult, however any additional adults aside from the main registrant will have to be part of the student group of 20, as the limit for registration is 21 (20 students and one adult).

Q: I would like to change the names of some of my students who are not able to attend TRUST, may I do so without losing those spots?

A: Absolutely! If you go into your Eventbrite account ( then you will be able to change the names of those students that can no longer participate and replace them with the alternate students you wish to bring instead.

Q: If I am unable to attend, how do I transfer my registration to another person?

A: If you are unable to attend, you may send someone in your place. Please login to your Eventbrite account and change your name to the person attending in your place. The deadline to change this information is February 27, 2015.


Q: I am an organization, not a high school, may I still bring my junior and senior students to this conference?

A: As long as the students are juniors and/or seniors in high school they are welcome to join the conference. They do not need to attend through their school, but they DO need to have a chaperone.

Q: Do the students need to bring a lunch to TRUST?

A: No, both breakfast and lunch will be served to all attendees of the TRUST Conference.

Q: Is there a dress code for students for this conference?

A: There is no need to dress any differently than they would as if they were going to school.

Q: May we bring cameras to document our experience at TRUST?

A: You are more than welcome to bring cameras if you would like!


If you have any questions that have not been addressed here, please contact us.